R4: Services

Service Oriented
The success of R4's research & development, fielding, and training solutions rests on a wide range of services that include logistics and operational support, systems engineering and integration, program management and sustainment and prototype development and fabrication. It's all part of what we do to ensure availability and reliability when lives are at stake.

We have the infrastructure, human capital and proven expertise to meet the changing needs of our customers in the U.S. and abroad. We produce results with timeliness and efficiency. We remain committed to the highest quality standards. And we take pride in our ability to get the job done every time because failure is not an option.

Program Management:
To ensure efficiency and expedite the flexibility, adaptability and agility required to meet mission goals, R4 provides comprehensive program management in-theater and elsewhere. Essential project management (PM) functions include planning, procurement and resource management, finance management, scheduling, crisis management, technical writing and project team coordination.

Research & Development:
At R4, we're involved in rigorous R&D to optimize performance as well as anticipate the future needs of our customers. Whether it involves a customized modification and installation of a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) product or it requires new concept engineering design, development and deployment or it demands a thorough knowledge of hardware, software and system integration, R4 is up for every challenge.

Systems Engineering & Integration:
Extensive experience in systems engineering and integration have given R4 a consistent edge over its competitors--especially when it comes to meeting rapidly evolving mission requirements. We apply our forward-thinking, innovative engineering and integration expertise across the board--whether it's to develop and implement an effective acquisition/logistics solution or to fabricate a unique prototype in-theater or to test and produce sophisticated electronic and radio frequency (RF) systems.

Total Package Fielding:
From concept to deployment to full-rate production to system decommission, R4 puts the mission first. Our fielding services include: Urgent Material Fielding Plans; Sustainment Plans; Training Support Packages; New Material In-Briefs (NMIB); Operator, Installation & Maintenance Manuals; and Interactive Electronic Training Manuals (IETM).

Missions vary widely in scope, complexity and number of those involved. To get the job done no matter what the mission profile, R4 subject matter experts offer first-hand knowledge and real-world experience with the systems we develop and support. We provide today's warfighters and decision-makers unmatched technical insight and unprecedented training tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) to meet set performance objectives and yield immediate results.

Integrated Logistics & Support:
R4 is committed to Performance Based Logistics (PBL) practices for optimized life-cycle management and provides hands-on integrated logistics support to benefit QRC efforts. Our logistics services include: Logistics Engineering, Reliability & Maintainability Analysis, Repair Level Analysis, Provisioning & Supply Support, Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, Parts Research, Military Standards Requisitioning & Issue Procedures and Configuration Management.

Configurations Engineering Management:
R4 is capable of using state of the art 3D engineering software to create precise parts & assemblies to maintain configuration development solutions for prototype design and/or complete CAD drawing packages. We understand the need for dynamic visual documentation to show complete engineering plans and procedure before initial build. Experience in providing complex 3D engineering designs includes: true scale models, understanding of urgent needs to meet the requirements of wartime deployed forces, motion study animation, scenario-based training, Illustrated Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) including Dynamic 3D Installation and Removal procedures of fielded equipment packages, and load stress/constraint calculation analysis.

Homeland Security:
R4 provides C-IED training for individuals likely to encounter and/or respond to potential explosives incidents and IED Response and Mitigation Planning. We take a “boots on the ground” approach and involve the responders in the planning process. R4 provides Firearms Instruction, Arson Investigation Instruction, Explosives Mitigation and Detection, Incident Management Instruction, Intelligence Training, Criminal Investigations, Interrogation Techniques Instruction, Bio-Terrorism, HazMat, Blood-Borne Pathogen Instruction, and Behavior Assessment.